Interesting article about Gas Discharge tubes

I found this very interesting article on the website of G3YNH, David W Knight.

It gives an in-depth explanation on how Gas Discharge Tubes work.
One particular tube that is based on gas discharge is the Thytatron.

And as a kind of etimological revelation to me I found out that the semi-conductor known as "Thyristor" is actually coined from the combination "Thytatron - Transistor".

Wonderfull video about South Orkney Islands DXpedition

I've discovered this amazing video about VP8ORK, South Orkney Islands DXpedition by James Brooks, 9V1YC
The South Orkney Islands are located below 60 degrees south and are one of only four DXCC entities within the UN Antarctic Treaty Zone.

This video is truly a professional broadcast quality documentary, very interesting and entertaining to watch !

You can find it at vimeo: