I'm trying to collect some high quality or worth watching quality video's here:

Wonderful video on the FT4JA Juan de Nova Island Dx-pedition

Beautiful images- V55V Rhombic Antennas - A Big Signal Out Of Africa

Amazing video about VP8ORK, South Orkney Islands DXpedition by James Brooks, 9V1YC

Nice professional made documentary video about WRTC, the World Radiosport Team Championship

ISS - International Space Station Ham Radio Contact

Great Ham Radio promo video of the RSGB:

The 'swlingpost' is aboslutelly correct when saying that: " This African ISP commercial may be the best amateur radio promotion ever " (MTN Global: Space)
Check it out:

Very decent documentary video about the BS7H Scarborough Reef DXpedition
made by James Brooks from Singapore, 9V1YC

And James seems to have a lot more videos, mainly in 4:3 format, but equally professionally made DXpedition documentaries
ZL9CI Campbell Island DXpedition

Vintage 1944 Radio Operator Training: How to Send Morse Code (CW) by Hand

Vintage 1966 International Morse Code Hand Sending US Army Training Film

TX-Factor: Great youtube tv-show about Ham Radio