I'm trying to collect some high quality or worth watching quality video's here:

Wonderful video on the FT4JA Juan de Nova Island Dx-pedition

Beautiful images- V55V Rhombic Antennas - A Big Signal Out Of Africa

Amazing video about VP8ORK, South Orkney Islands DXpedition by James Brooks, 9V1YC

Nice professional made documentary video about WRTC, the World Radiosport Team Championship

ISS - International Space Station Ham Radio Contact

Great Ham Radio promo video of the RSGB:

The 'swlingpost' is aboslutelly correct when saying that: " This African ISP commercial may be the best amateur radio promotion ever " (MTN Global: Space)
Check it out:

Very decent documentary video about the BS7H Scarborough Reef DXpedition
made by James Brooks from Singapore, 9V1YC

And James seems to have a lot more videos, mainly in 4:3 format, but equally professionally made DXpedition documentaries
ZL9CI Campbell Island DXpedition

Vintage 1944 Radio Operator Training: How to Send Morse Code (CW) by Hand

Vintage 1966 International Morse Code Hand Sending US Army Training Film

Great video of K0CN of the contruction of his CU84 Antenna Tower

TX-Factor: Great youtube tv-show about Ham Radio