"Digital Multi-mode" transceiver DMR + D-Star + C4FM !

A "digital all-mode" transceiver, that's what I was waiting for, and now it has arrived (almost)

This DV4mobile is a tri-band VHF/UHF transceiver ( 2m, 1.25m and 70cm) that supports DMR, D-STAR and C4FM ( or "fusion") all in one box.

Even more digital modes can be added later on via software upgrades, so at the same time being a multi-mode, its also a transceiver where software has become the centerpiece.

It will be available in the stores at the end of 2016..

A cheap NAS for the Shack

A NAS is great for your backups of e.g. your valuable log data and so on, but you can't call them cheap nor can you do what you like with them.

If you sill have a usb hard-drive lying around or a Beaglebone Black that you bought to play with but without a destination you're halfway there already!

Because here's a fantastic home-brew project to bridge the gap: NAS = beaglebone black + USB HDD

check it out: http://joshnock.com/post/BeagleBone-NAS-Server