Ham radio has been a constant factor in my life, like the sunspots sometimes with more sometimes with less activity, but it has always been there somehow.

First licenced in 1988 it sound quite strange to myself to be officially in Ham radio for more than 25 years, truth is, Radio started when I was just a kid receiving a set of transistor walky-talkies as a toy, big-bric low power and hardly stable, the things had a morse code generator on board... today CW is still one of my favorite occupations within our hobby...

Old Callsigns: ON4AHV, ON1CFB

Other Callsigns: ON7GF

In Belgium when you request a 2-by-1 call, like I did and thus became OR1G, you get to keep your old call as well, so I'm also still ON7GF. So what do you do with 2 callsigns? Well ones choise is free but I tend to use my 2-by-1 call on HF and my old callsign on VHF/UHF for local qso's.