CU3/OR1G - Day2

After waking up a little to late, I've kind a missed the morning propagation, however the first thing I've heard putting on the radio was a QSO between VK and the U.K. But by the time I've started trying the call, the OM in the VK was leaving to go to work so no luck there...

CU3/OR1G - Day1

With a late morning start due to arriving late and two hours of time difference I've started of by installing the holiday-setup.

For this I've been preparing a home-brew windom-antenna using a air-wound balun.
No problem at all setting this antenna up on the space I've rented due to the very nice and big garden.

The first big surprise was to hear absolutely nothing on 40 meters..
And I'm not talking about ham stations but absolutely no noise at all!