Arduino Dimmer

Recently I was doing some quick searching the internet for a zero-crossing dimmer circuit that could be controlled with a DC voltage,
and as I didn't really find any copy and paste kind of circuits I've decided to build one myself from parts I've found could be useful with some modification.

The intelligence of the circuit is an ATMEL ATTiny85 microcontroller and some Arduino code

BCD-14 Band Decoder/ Antenna Selector module

If your building an automatic antenne switch that follows your transceiver or your building your own amplifier this building block can come in handy:

The BCD-14 decodes the band data signals from the radio or computer to automatically select the proper antenna or band pass filter for the current band.
The inputs are optically isolated to provide maximum isolation between your radio or computer and the antenna switching system.

This circuit board covers all the HF bands from 160 to 10 meters, including the WARC bands, 6M, 2M, and 440MHz !