Converting CB radios to 70 MHz

When I was at the "Dag van de Radio-Amateur" or "Ham Radio day" in the Netherlands recently, I've met this interesting Ham Ha, PA5HE.

He's been busy converting several old CB radio's into Ham Radio transceivers for the 4 meter or 70 MHz band.

Some are really smart where he'd actually replaced the existing 7-segment display with a small OLED display capable of showing the full digit frequency.
Isn't that cool ?!!

It's in dutch so for the non dutch speakers not all info might be clear, but I'm sure a handy ham can find enough to get inspired:

Arduino based CTCSS encoder

Several years ago I've owned a Kenwood TR751E and I've always regretted that I've sold this rig as looking back it was the best 2m multimode transceiver I've ever owned. So when I suddenly got the chance to buy, in very good condition, not only the TR751E but also the TR851E as a pair of transceivers I didn't think twice !

However one disadvantage of older generation transceivers is that they don't have any CTCSS system. Especially the encoder part is a lack as most repeaters use these tones nowadays.