Great Youtube Space Weather Channel !

For those of us who like get informed with some predictions about future radio propagation probably know the website ""

It's a nice place to stay informed about sunspots and solar activity, but what if you could have that news audio-visual ??

On this Channel Tamitha Skov is narating the space weather news on her great video's, check out her channel :

TX Factor 23 is here!

If you have never seen these video's you should !!

TXFACTOR is a very high quality youtube-channel and companion website fully dedicated to Ham Radio.
The video's these guy's make are absolutely professional grade !!

Unlike some other videoblog's that produce a ton of video's on a regular basis but that are often barely watchable because they are so poorly made,
TXFACTOR doesn't creates video's that often but these are episodes that just as well could be transmitted as a program on the big TV broadcasters.