Ham Radio and Science

In a way Ham Radio has always been related fairly closely to science. Ham's are experimenting with radio waves so exept for the approach and the more formal organisation of the science world, Ham's are a kind of scientists by themselves.

But there's more as these two worlds don't live completely separated from each other. Many scientists are als Ham's but also some hams are doing research that is actually pretty close to the same work scientists are doing.

Recently I've learned about something calles "HAMSCI" short for "Ham Radio Science Citizen Investigation".

According to their website HAMSCI is this:

Ham Radio Science Citizen Investigation, is a platform for the publicity and promotion of projects that are consistent with the following objectives:

- Advance scientific research and understanding through amateur radio activities.
- Encourage the development of new technologies to support this research.
- Provide educational opportunities for the amateur community and the general public.

It's worth spending some time on this website and learning all about these projects!