This looks like the best Ham-radio SDR kit so far

This SDR is basically a HF transceiver, not just an other wideband SDR.

Where other SDR kits are clearly made by non amateurs and fit best in a hobby lab as cheap measurement gear, this is a product from Ham's made for Ham's
Instead of a range of 0-6GHz this kit kit is only capable of 3-30 MHz but it does so really good.

In the receiver chain e.g. the RS-HFIQ has5 band-pass filters build in to reject out-of-band signals, an first stage receiver amplifier with frequency dependent gain and a quadrature down-converter.
On the transmit side the RS-HFIQ is using the same band-pass filters used by the receivers for filtering and low-pass filter bank so all carriers put on the Ham bands meet the cleanness needed for legal transmissions.

Because of this filtering its also safe to amplify the output to a higher power if wanted. The kit by itself produces a solid 5 Watt output so you can really just connected straight to an HF antenna and keydown.

Check it out: