Friedrichshafen international amateur radio exhibition

After having to miss out last year, this year I've made it to the biggest Ham event in Europe.
As always Friedrichshaven was packed with Radio Amateurs, some even traveled from the most exotic places in the world.

It was nice to see the Icom IC7610 in real live, the SDR successor version of the IC7600.
Icom really made a quantum leap ahead of the competition by making the choice to start building its rigs based on sdr technology.

Some other new stuff I came across was a 5 band cobweb antenna by the spannish maker "EAntenna".
This antenna was displayed at the stand of and it was sold out in no time.

Of course being a fan of Elecraft I had to take a look at their new 1kW amplifier, really nice.

In the second hand halls I found some interesting stuff, e.g. a case that fits nicely with my K1.

Luckily I've planned stick by my shopping list if not I would have needed to rent a truck to drive home :-)