Guoetec Q900

It's amazing how Software Defined Radio technology is quickly quantum leaping Ham Radio.
Take this Guoetec Q900 as an example:

This Chineese SDR transceiver is a QRP transceiver covering 160m up to 70cm hamradio bands + general coverage reception up to GHz.
Its doing this in all modes SSB, FM, AM, CM + digital modes including a direct USB connection usable for digital modes.
When completed with this option, it can additionally be used as a DMR radio, all in one small box !

As if this isn't enough it includes a HF antenna tuner and a 4900 mA battery ...


DG0SA, Wolfgang Wippermann passed away several years ago.
He died on 05/29/2018 after a serious illness.

His request was to keep his website available to all radio amateurs indefinitely.

If you pay his website a visit you will surely appreciate this kind gesture he gave the Ham Radio community