CU3/OR1G - Day1

With a late morning start due to arriving late and two hours of time difference I've started of by installing the holiday-setup.

For this I've been preparing a home-brew windom-antenna using a air-wound balun.
No problem at all setting this antenna up on the space I've rented due to the very nice and big garden.

The first big surprise was to hear absolutely nothing on 40 meters..
And I'm not talking about ham stations but absolutely no noise at all!

Arduino Dimmer

Recently I was doing some quick searching the internet for a zero-crossing dimmer circuit that could be controlled with a DC voltage,
and as I didn't really find any copy and paste kind of circuits I've decided to build one myself from parts I've found could be useful with some modification.

The intelligence of the circuit is an ATMEL ATTiny85 microcontroller and some Arduino code