From Broadcast to IoT

For 18 years the commercial focus of Orsen Technology was the Broadcast industry, technologies used in this industry however have evolved from broadcast specific towards typical ICT technologies like TCP/IP, web-development, etc..

Equally the products and service of Orsen Technology have evolved and are now also highly ICT oriented, with the major commercial consequence that today, next to the broadcast, many other business sectors can now be served.

Januari 2016 OrsenTechnology therefor made the formal decision no longer to focus on the Broadcast market but to concentrate on open source and the Internet-of-Things in any market as many of the elements to do so where already in place.

Although traditional broadcast technologies are still widely used today, Orsen Technology believes Television broadcasting will eventually become fully web-based. Always trying to be ahead of the curve Orsen Technology has been building knowledge on ICT & web-based technologies for several years.