CU3/OR1G - Day5

And so my final day on this little Island arrived.

After a wonderful breakfast in the harbor I've enjoyed making several contacts from my base before breaking down the station.
The station had worked pretty well and now all of the equipment had to be cleanly organised if not they would never all enter my suite case :-)

I've learned a lot what was the ultimate goal of this mini dx-pedition. My objective was to find out more about how to prepare for a bigger expedition. So a lot of my time went into observing all the thing that can go wrong, that need to be prepared, details about the weight, size, practicality of the necessary equipment.

In this context one can rightly observe that visiting the Sota locations was only secondary. But never-the-less it awoke my appreciation of these activities. The most I've learned here is that I didn't really have the right equipment for this. The Electraft K1 is great but the VFO stability isn't very great when working on batteries. That I didn't know as generally I've used this transceiver on business trips using the mains of the hotels that I was staying in. It surely made me look at the Electraft KX2, a rig that is definitely on my wish-list now :-)

But many some basic climbing/camping gear is useful to bring along, like a little tent or other shelter against wind and rain. And more tools to set up antenna's in a rocky environment where nothing enters the soil really...

This concludes my little discovery dxpedition. A few hours flying to Portugal and next Belgium, and the dreaming and planning for the next one had already started...