CU3/OR1G - Day3

Although the weather didn't improve to the point of tropical sun, at least the heavy rain stopped.

Time to discover the world of SOTA! Heading towards 'monte do brasil' a name this mountain received before Brasil was actually discovered.
With a mixed sun and rain climate I've managed to get reasonalby dry to the top of CU/TE004 where the SOTA point is actually what used to be a Signal station, first for visual and later RF telegraphy.

The right spot to test my elecraft K1 !

I've installed an improvised dipole antenna for 20 meters that wasn't to hard for the K1 tuner to match. But my K1 was running on the 8 AAA batteries and unfortunately thy ran out before I could make it a succesfull activation..

The point was that it's kind of difficult to bring lead-batteries on the plane, so therefor my powersupply was limited..

In the evening I've visited the Radio-club again where they now had there weekly meeting.

As the station is well equiped, I've could easiliy make some contacts from there to the US and Latin America