Linux in the Shack

A lot of ham's are still somewhat skeptical when it comes to using Linux in the Shack.

Even dough they are willing to try it, or maybe they have done so already, they are not convinced that Linux can replace there Microsoft Windows system.
This is mainly because they believe that they can't run their usual stuff on a Linux computer.

It might be true that their windows software isn't ready to run on a Linux platform, and even that can be solved, the point is that there are Linux alternatives available for a lot of stuff.

A good example is logging software. So instead of trying to run logger32 on Linux, its way easier to simply run cqrlog instead.
And cqrlog does about anything you would wish a logging software would do.

The same counts for many other applications.

A good starting point is to take a visit to this website:

Here you can search for a program you use on one operating system and see what the alternatives are for an other operating system.
And the site works in both directions between Windows, MacOS and Linux.